The Importance Of Quantity Surveying

Construction is a quite expensive business. The attention to the technical detail and the specifications that have to be followed extremely accurately makes it a complex process that cannot be done by anyone. This is to ensure durability and the strength of the construction. However, the construction process is not just bricks and roofs. There is a lot more to the subject than that. Taking the construction of a foundation as an example, it can be seen that there is much to do that includes excavating, back filling, shuttering, concreting, applying waterproof, installation of reinforcement and finishing. If a foundation takes this much work, one can only imagine the work load associated with the construction of a fully functional building.

It is clear that there is much to do with pin point accuracy. This can be quite expensive. But who keeps track of these expenses? Who recommends the expenses to be cost effective and who handles the legal matters of the construction process? This is where the quantity surveyor Townsville or the QS comes in. The QS is in charge of handling the cost engineering aspects of the construction process. They are the ones that prepare the bill of quantities that will determine the estimated cost of the construction and they will keep track of the process through constant inspection. Quantity surveying is extremely important as a loss in the field of construction could be in millions of dollars and it is always recommended to constantly update oneself on the costs of the construction that is undergone.

The role of the quantity surveyor result in substantial financial benefits does not end there. They are also in charge of handling the contractual procedures of the construction process. They will be the ones to go through the initial contract and clarify any matters with regard to the contract. They are also in charge of taking measurements and preparing the final bill of the construction project accurately, which is a reason as to why QS are hired by both client and contractor parties. It is a very important and a responsible role in the field of construction and is much respected.

In big construction projects, there is a quantity surveying team that will handle the quantity surveying aspects of the project. Quantity surveying takes place in any construction project. It is the accuracy and the integrity of the QS that matters and hiring a QS could be extremely useful in any construction project. There are many more tasks that a QS performs and that will define the efficiency and the effectiveness of the construction that is taking place.